I told you David Blaine was Jewish

All Jewish people have had this type of argument at some point:
Person 1: “Did you know (insert name) is Jewish?”
Person 2: “No, he/she isn’t.”
Person 1: “Yes, he/she is! My mom told me so!”
Person 2: stabs Person 1 in the eye with a rusty fork.

We here at Jmerica are no different, but we have learned over the years (after considerable opthamology bills) that a quick Google search settles things better than a rusty fork.

Rabbi Accuses Millionaire of Sexual Misconduct

As much as your mother would like to believe otherwise, Jewish men can still be pigs. This rich synagogue member was accused of being a “sex pest,” by his rabbi for seducing newly married women. The man is accusing the rabbi for fabricating the claims in order to gain power with the community. No matter how ya slice it, it just ain’t kosher.

Could the Next Governor of Texas Be Jewish?

Whoa, Nellie! According to Nate Bloom of Jewhoo.com Dubya Bush’s shoes could be filled by Kinky Friedman, former leader of the twangin’ country kickers The Texas Jewboys. Friedman announced his independent candidacy last week and is supported by fellow Texans Billy Bob Thornton and Willie Nelson, which can only hurt his campaign.