Why Is This Coffeecake Different Than All Others?

My dear friend Yamini, an Indian-American living in Sweden, just poked me on Facebook with the following:

OK, so I was looking for a cake recipe that uses sour cream and found this one for Jewish Coffee Cake. I’m curious as to why this is called so?

If you peruse the ingredients, you will not see schmaltz, guilt or the blood of Christian children on the list. Other than being an obvious kawfee-klatch favorite, can anyone help me explain to Yamini what exactly makes this cake Jewish?

It looks pretty durn delicious, actually. But it’s only two days ’til Passover and we’re already down to a heel of bread and a few crumbs of Life cereal. I ain’t bringin’ it any more chametz home ’til Pizza Night next Thursday. Maybe Yam will bake Jewish Coffee Cake and let me know how the Indian Swedes make it their own?

Face Up to this Generation

“Jewish tradition says that people of each generation must imagine that they personally had departed from Egypt, and the sages say that each generation must tell the story in its own terms…The sages probably did not intend this.

While we Yentas are bizzy sweeping away the chametz and lordy-knows-what-else from the corners (son, WHAT is this stain?), get viral with Carl Elkin’s brilliant homage to modern times:

Moses is Departing Egypt: A Facebook Haggadah.