Suck it, Hobby Lobby

hobbylobbySo, it was reported this week that chozzerai peddler Hobby Lobby won’t carry Chanukah or Passover decorations because it conflicts with CEO Steve Green’s “Christian values.”

“We don’t cater to you people,” a clerk told some nice Jewish lady last year, according to New Jersey blogger Ken Berwitz, and boy, did THAT cause some tsimmes.

The Hobby Lobby damage control trolls are already at work, sort-of-apologizing on Facebook and pretending that someday, they might consider carrying some cheap crap made in China that could pass for Chanukah decorations:

“Hobby Lobby is currently working with our buyers over our merchandise selection. Our customers have brought this to our attention, and we are currently evaluating our holiday items and what we will carry in the future,” wrote a representative.

Herm, I’m bowled over by the sincerity, yeah. Listen, Hobby Lobby, don’t do us any favors. We don’t need you to dust off a shelf of moldy yarn in the back and stock it with some blue tinsel and crap cardboard menorahs and call it redemption. Chanukah is the Festival of Lights, and all we Jews ever need to make it a joyous holiday is a chanukiah and box of candles, both available in the gift shop of our local synagogue.

And maybe just a few strings of blue twinkly bulbs from Home Depot.

9 thoughts on “Suck it, Hobby Lobby

  1. OK, that’s it! I shop HL in Greenville, SC, but not anymore, just like Chick-fil-A. I am still sore about the Susan B. Komen foundation, too!

  2. I once spent $200 on holiday presents inside a big box store near where I grew up, only to find they didn’t have a single roll of chanukah paper for sale. I pretty much let the manager have it.

  3. “YO-YO” BUBELE!! I knew I was in trouble when I saw they were closed on Sundays to “give time to our employees to go to Church”!( they certainly don’t welcome our crowd…) Anyway, THANK-YOU sweetie for bringing this to everyone’s attention…you’re the BEST……and who wants their shoddy crap anyway? The place has the worst stuff ……….so basically, along with “Tuesday Morning” who also doesn’t carry Chanukah cards, they can KISS MY MENORAH!………………..8 times.

  4. I have a ton of thoughts on this post…but I am going to focus on this one as I hope your brilliance in pointing this out does not get over looked…you can do quite a bit of shopping in places that directly reflect and support your community, faith, and social code. I love that you pointed out that your faith based gift store is a better place to shop regardless of narrow minded clerks.

  5. I agree. The guy who owns Hobby Lobby is a total and complete religious hypocrite. You mean to tell me his wife never used contraception not even one time. As a former Hobby Lobby employee, I can tell you that this company treats their employees like garbage. The owner is always whining about supplying birth control pills to their employees who are even fortunate enough to have health coverage with Hobby Lobby. I am tired of hearing millionaires and billionaires complain about the government and how badly they are being treated, and how badly their religious freedoms are being trampled upon.

    There are plenty of rocks to throw. The born again Christians worship Jesus, I think. He is supposed to be the man. Jesus saved a prostitute from being bludgeoned to death from an unruly crowd. He said, “let the first one of you without sin cast the first stone.” The owner of Hobby Lobby is not the real deal. He is only trying to get attention. This is
    stunt. See it for what it is. He probably doesn’t agree with Jewish religious beliefs either, and thinks his religious beliefs are more valid. He has a the right to believe that, but he doesn’t have the right to force his beliefs on other people.

    • Don’t get me started on Hobby Lobby…………They have such garbage in there—worse than the $$ stores—so NATURALLY one could expect their “operating principles”, across-the-board to be as tacky and as small-minded as the owners. BTW “Tuesday Morning” stores don’t carry any Chanukah merchandise,either, to my shock! when I brought it up to the store manager, in a VERY NICE WAY, I was informed of the same “excuse”…………..”Kish Meir en Tuchas” to both stores!

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