Jews Vs. Methodists, Round 72

images-2I know my favorite Methodist homegrrl, roller derby queen and Savannah Morning News religion writer Dana Clark Felty will appreciate a little sizzle on the fire of our friendly feud:

Chelsea Clinton, the only child of Bill and Hillary, finally got engaged to Nice Jewish Boy Marc Mezvinsky. The Clintons are Methodists, and Samuel P. Jacobs at The Daily Beast asks the obvious question on every Jewish mother’s mind: Will Chelsea convert?

Well, wouldn’t that be nice? It can only be good for the Jews to have the Secretary of State as an in-law. And how fun would it be to see paparazzi wedding snaps of Bill and Hillary carried around on chairs holding a hanky between them? And think of the awesome celebrity Chanukah parties Chelsea and Ivanka Trump-Kushner could throw together!

But of course, Chelsea might not want to be Jewish. In Jacob’s article, Rabbi Jennifer Krause says us pushy Jewish mothers might be unfair in salivating at the prospect of a Presidential daughter on our team.

“Why doesn’t anyone want to know if Marc should convert?” Rabbi Krause asks. “Why should the Jewish community get first dibs at hanging out the ‘now hiring’ sign?”

“Who knows,” comments Jacob. “Maybe this one will go to the Methodists?”

We’ll see. In the meantime, Felty, we can still resolve this with a good ol’ fashioned arm-wrestling match…

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