Help for Haiti

haiti-photos3Attention to those in the Miami area: PrimeTime Amusements, parent company of and longtime Yo, Yenta! sponsor, is collecting relief supplies in South Beach to send to Haiti:

“I have donated my PrimeTime trucks for the victims in Haiti from the recent earthquake. It will be parked in front of 90 Alton Road until Monday morning, January 18th. Bring your donations – water, non-perishable food, fist-aid kits, shoes, etc. No matter where you are in the world, from Miami to New York, South America to Europe, take the time to donate something.”

– David Goldfarb, President, PrimeTime Amusements

PrimeTime has found an aviation sponsor who will fly everything directly to Haiti and pass it off to a team of doctors from the University of Miami, who will then distribute it into the hands of Haitian citizens until it runs out. This grassroots project is one that will actually help instead of hamper – as PA rep CTraffik points out, “the ENTIRE effort is state-less … all spontaneous and sans-government (with the exception of the FAA having to give our planes clearance to leave).” EXCELLENT.

For those of us far, far away from such a magical place where flipflops are being worn this week but are still looking give tzedakeh to the efforts to get the Haitian people back on their feet (although, honestly, where have we been for the last 20 years??) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out! This site rates charities based on past efficacy, and there’s a list of tips to ensure your donation will be put to good use (Tip #2: Do not give to the creepy and corrupt Haitian government because it will be promptly spent on Cadillacs and caviar for its head honchos instead of clean drinking water and shoes for its citizens. Besides, it’s not tax-deductible.)

Let’s do our research before throwing our hard-earned dollars at any ol’ text or email that comes your way (it’s great to see that American Jewish World Service is one of CharityNavigator’s top-recommended organizations!)

A Blessed Shabbos to everyone, near and far…

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