This Too Shall Pass

The above-mentioned phrase is, of course, the title to Chicago art band OK Go‘s new fabulous video (which can’t be embedded for copyright reasons, but go watch it here, ok?) and is also a mantra that I’m invoking to dissolve the writer’s block that’s been plaguing me this week.

The video is amazing — OK Go got themselves famous for their mind-blowing one-take wonders, and they’ve outdone themselves with the visuals for “This Too Shall Pass” off their new album, Of The Blue Colour of the Sky.

Check out OK Go bassist and nice Jewish boy Tim Norwind in this week’s Jewish Chronicle, where he says yes, there are in fact Jews in Kalamazoo.

Tim also fronts the band in their 2006 breakout hit “Here It Goes Again,” which cannot be watched enough times:

Eh, at least I’m inspired to head to the gym…

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