Grrrr. Sigh. *sniff*

Yup, still disturbed by the news from and about Israel. And the frightening worldwide trend of hating all Jews and setting synagogues on fire if one doesn’t agree with Israeli politics. Not to mention the Facebook updates.

I believe in the right to stop the friggin’ rockets and protect Israeli children, and that if Hamas cared about its citizens it wouldn’t use its women and children as human shields. So why are the Israelis being accused of war crimes? And what does it say when if the only non-Jewish sources I can find to corroborate my beliefs are FoxNews and Christian web sites enthusiastically touting the coming of Armageddon?

I’m unmoveably down with the Holy Land as a Jewish homeland and would like to see every last Hamas rocket shoved up Iran’s a**. If that means I’ve got to stand next to douchebag Sean Hannity and a bunch of Jesus-loving grannies, so be it. But look, if the only leader in the whole world preaching unilateral support for Operation Cast Lead is GEORGE Freakin’ BUSH, perhaps some strategies need to be rethunked.

In the meantime, I’m gonna keep on reading. But somehow, I don’t think Joe the Plumber-cum-war correspondent-for-dummies is going to clear anything up for me.

4 thoughts on “Grrrr. Sigh. *sniff*

  1. I totally hear you, Yo. I’ve seen alot of simpleminded anti-Israeli stuff on FB this week. FWIW, I recommend — first rate journalism and analysis from an Israeli point of view.

  2. For all who would like to join in sucking the fun out of Facebook by going political, you can “Donate your status” to make others aware by adding an update of the number of qassams that have landed in Israel.

    Your status will look like this: “During 2007-2008, Hamas fired 4681 rockets & mortar shells at Israeli towns and cities.” “QassamCount: 9 Hamas rockets hit Israel so far today. 3 rockets fired from Lebanon hit Northern Israel.”

    Go to

    btw, I’m a hard left peacenik, so salaam, already!!!

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