Silent Shabbat

I know it’s unusual for a professional loudmouth like myself to be so quiet about the war in Gaza, and I have to admit I’ve been avoiding discussing the subject. It’s just too insane, and I just don’t have anything to add except for my confusion and frusturation and sadness and wishes that everyone could just get along. Naive, yes. But I’m not the only one:

Thank you to Cathy S-H for linking me to Bradley Burston’s A Jew’s Prayer for the Children of Gaza. It made me cry to be reminded that this conflict goes as far back as the origin of our people, and that as God alone saved Hagar and Ishmail, divine intervention is probably our best bet.

A peaceful, rocketless Shabbat to all.

*Bruce David’s “City of Peace”; click here for more of the artist’s work.

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  1. This post is testament to why I love visiting your website so often. You are amazing and thanks for posting the link to the prayer.

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