Divine Aspirations And The Trailer Life

trustmansI met some amazing folks while the kids played in Forsyth Park yesterday. The Trustman family is from Santa Cruz, CA (Californians always recognize each immediately, ditto for Jews; there was no one else around on this particularly frosty afternoon and that CaJew radar magnetized us almost immediately) and was visiting Savannah as part of an eight-month, cross country epic RV adventure. David and Tiffany have been on the road since September with their two kids, Eli and Olivia, tooling around America in their killer house-on-wheels (I didn’t get a tour, but Tiffany says she has a full kitchen on board.) The kids are receiving a phenomenal education by way of museums, aquariums, rustic trailer parks, fine restaurants, shack bbq joints and local color while their folks plan each day at a time. Some life, eh?

The Trustmans obviously have some serious cash to fund this enterprise (not to mention keeping two homes in NoCal) and it would be easy to write them off as trustafarian yuppies. But their vibe was so genuine, warm and open to the glory of the universe that it would only my own envy coloring them anything but blessed people. Their kids were delightful and polite, and the parents eager to share stories and ask me about mine. However, David didn’t have favorable things to say about Savannah on his blog; then again, neither do I much of the time. I’m surprised that I feel defensive about this, but I do live here now, and I want other people to confirm that it’s not too bad a place. I guess when you have the luxury of bailing out on to some other roadside paradise, you can take your opinions with you. *sigh*

I want to state here that the Yenta family has high designs on a similar adventure when the children are a bit older. While I don’t know exactly how, the Trustmans have shown me what is possible when you have a dream. Our RV might end up being a little older and funkier, and we’ll likely have to budget meals (Guess what kids? Fish sticks again!) instead of eating at Food Network stars’ restaurants, but the gift is in the freedom. Sheesh, if we don’t find a house soon, it could be sooner than later…

Safe travels to all you families out there on the road!

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