The Hulkster’s Kosher Education

Poor Hulk Hogan. I have a soft spot for the ex-pro wrestler, having spent many an 80’s afternoon on the sofa with my little brother watching him battle Rowdy Roddy Piper. Good times, bro.

Like any smart pop icon, the Hulkster has parlayed his former successes into a reality show, showcasing his role as a charmingly clueless husband and dad (why do all the tough guys die and move to the suburbs?) to a buxom wife and two over-indulged teenagers. He and his Aryan-looking family have recently moved to an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in Miami, and in this clip attempt to bond with the locals by offering up fresh-baked cookies door-to-door — non-kosher cookies that no one can eat. Undaunted, the new neighbors decide to throw a barbecue that meets the needs of the street. Hilarity ensues as the family debates what “kosher” means: The Hulkster keeps insisting its pickles; it takes an African-American grocery employee to set the family on the path to halachic enlightenment.

This is about eight and half minutes long and IMHO, worth the time. The Hogans ignorance is wholly endearing in a good-natured, American way, and the family does a service by broadcasting the experience to the rest of this shockingly under-cultured country. After all, how many TV-zoned suburbanites think “kosher” is only the line in a Clash song?

Hat tip to Jewlicious.

5 thoughts on “The Hulkster’s Kosher Education

  1. I seen him all the time on south beach driving in a tinted benz. You can’t miss his profile, mustache, and tradmark mug even through the opaque glass. I guess South Beach is the place to be these days.

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