I only Date Circumsized BoysI’ve been logging Jewishy t-shirts for going on three years now (go ahead, peruse the shmatas) and every time I think there couldn’t possibly be any more, something, er, pops up.

This doozy from That’s Jewtastic serves the purpose of weeding out unsavory penises characters before they’re even within smelling distance, which makes it a perfect gift for your favorite bat mitzvah girl. And of course, favorite gay Jewish porn star Michael Lucas.

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    Thank you for taking interest in this shirt. Yes yes, this is my website just so you know. Well, the website is a bit bare right now but the new website will be released soon (hopefully end of Feb 2007) so please come back soon.

    Considering the love from yoyenta.com I will post a special promotional code for discounts if you came from this website.

    T-shirt of the week. Sweet. I’ve never received such and honor!

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