Caribou Coffee Struggles Against E-mail Boycott

user submitted pictureCaribou Coffee has closed two once-bustling Chicago stores due to an e-mail circulating since 2002 that urges people to boycott the java franchisers because it’s backed by Islamic terrorists. While the reasons for the boycott technically fall under the category of urban legend, Caribou is indeed mostly owned by the First Islamic Investment Bank who employed one openly intifada-supporting board member. Though they’ve long since fired the guy, Caribou Coffee Chairman Michael Coles (who is Jewish) laments that the persisting “rumor” has resulted in major profit dips in certain markets.
Yawn. We tried to work up some sympathy for a corporation masquerading as the David to Starbuck’s Goliath, but we’d rather grab a chai at our locally-owned, independent coffeeshop instead.

3 thoughts on “Caribou Coffee Struggles Against E-mail Boycott

  1. Caribou Coffee : Your Coffee sucks, I have had it and spit it out! Support StarBucks and Keep the Jewish owned businesses strong!

  2. I’m not big on coffee, All big corporations scare me, I dont care who’s behind em. Google is about the only one of the new Big Corps. that seems to have some kind of integrity. Aren’t the owners jewish too?

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