Our New Favorite J Chick

user submitted pictureWe really don’t have time to keep up on every angry pop confection at her piano singing her mopey songs because she can’t dance like Britney and Jessica, but something about Vanessa Carlton has caught our attention. It turns out that not only can she dance (she’s a former ballerina with funkified moves; watch the video for “White Houses” here), but she’s an extremely hot, talented J girl with a big mouth.
While being followed around by a magazine crew in NYC, the 24 year-old stopped into a Catholic church for a little “spiritual cleansing” after visiting a strip club, which probably sounded like marvelous, mischevious fun at the time. After being impeded in her wish to confess her sins because there was a service going on, she told the reporter “I hope these people realize Jesus was just an uppity Jew.”
Some of her fans freaked out, as some are wont to do when anything having to do with Jesus comes up, but mostly people thought it was simply in bad taste. We think it’s hella funny. We’re new fans, Vanessa, keep that mouth motorin’!

6 thoughts on “Our New Favorite J Chick

  1. I dont understand how Christians try to hide the fact that Jesus was an MOT like the rest of us. There’s nothing wrong with that, he’d probably get the nobel prize a lil quicker that way. He was a Jewish as they come. Good looking out on shedding light on another fine J chick!

  2. jostein: You found Jesus and that is great. As far as “Vanessa Carlton” all these people when they get famous get say the stupidest things for a reaction. Too Bad it was a J chick. That never seems to help.

  3. Only people with a limited intellect would get offended by a comment like that. It’s true, Jesus read Torah, hung out at the temple, was a fan of Babs, etc. I totally would of seen him on an episode of Seinfeld. Vanessa is hot, funny how we dont speak of Caprice anymore?

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