Rabbi Shmuley’s Feminist Factor

Our favorite rabbi takes on sexual harassment at work in this week’s Jewsweek column:
“Never in history have women been so sexually exploited as they are today. College girls expose their breasts in exchange for a t-shirt on the Girls Gone Wild videos. MTV has transformed the women’s music industry away from an emphasis on vocals and onto to an emphasis of on cleavage. Posters of Victoria’s Secret models, dressed in thongs and the most revealing lingerie, line our mains thoroughfares, billboards, and buses. Are men really expected to shut all this off the moment they stand in front of a copy machine? Can we really expect a pure office environment to emerge from a degenerate culture?”
We haven’t been subjected to a proper office environment in many years and are in more danger of suffocating on our own b.o. than getting our asses grabbed at work, so frankly, a little sexual harassment might spice up our day. We’re all degenerates here, so we ask you, dear derelict, sex-obsessed readers: is it too much to expect men to behave like menschs, even if the chick in the next cubicle wears thigh-highs?
Rabbi Shmuley is just warming up on this subject: Jewish News of Greater Phoenix reports that his next book will be called “Hating Women: The New Racism and the Scandal of Feminist Indifference.”

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