Accessory of the Week: Sarah Palin’s Failed Logic

I never thought I’d want to pin Jesus’ name over my little Jewish heart, but crazy times call for crazy measures.
Get yer own.

And if you’re looking for a link to Tina Fey’s completely classic impersonation of the former “small town mayor of Alaska’s crystal meth capital” on Saturday Night Live, click here.

Anyone else read Sunday’s NY Times article about Palin’s penchant for hiring unqualified friends for important positions? Gosh, I can’t wait for the checkout girl at the Wasilla 7-11 to head up FEMA!

2 thoughts on “Accessory of the Week: Sarah Palin’s Failed Logic

  1. Pilate was antisemitic! Palin hearts Israel in a violent way. I’m writing-in Homer Simpson’s name this year because he’s got more class then the rest of the bunch. 😉

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