50K Ain’t Peanuts

Is Savannah Morning News’ religion blogger and Methodist homegirl Dana Clark Felty trying to get rid of me? What up, girl, you trying to scamper out of our arm-wrestling match by running me out of town?

Not that her suggestion isn’t the best offer I’ve heard in months:

The Jewish community of Dothan, Alabama wants to pay young Jewish families up to $50,000 to move to the little town and help revitalize its Jewish community. They’ve got a happy, small town vibe that values its Jewish heritage (descendants of the town’s founder, Hyman Blumberg, still live there and Temple Emanu-El was founded in 1929) and a forward-thinking female rabbi. There’s hardly any crime and the schools are good. It’s in the heart of peanut country and hosts the National Peanut Festival every year. Giant painted peanuts decorate the downtown, demonstrating the presence of an artistic community, or at least a sense of humor.

I’m thinking this sounds like a pretty freakin’ great deal. I miss small town life. Sure, it’s in the middle of nowhere instead of 40 minutes from San Francisco, but only a six-hour drive to Savannah. Hell, I already live in the South, and $50K would go a long way in the kids’ college fund. And we Yentas love us some peanut butter, yo.

El Yenta Man says the surf sucks, though.

3 thoughts on “50K Ain’t Peanuts

  1. Lol!!! Maybe I could claim some victory in our Jewish/Methodist popularity face-off, but I would miss you terribly if you moved to Dothan.

    Just curious, do you think the $50K is available to ANY young Hebrew who lives in Dothan for the expected time? Would Amy Winehouse qualify?

  2. I bid $51K for you to stick around.

    I’ll give you 51 cents as a down payment next time I see you.
    Quick, in-my-head math = That’s .00001% down, .99999% to go.
    Are we getting you wholesale?

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