You, Put Down Those Fake D&G Shades Right Now!

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From JTA:
“Purchases of knockoff handbags and DVDs may aid Palestinian terrorist organizations, experts told a congressional panel. Organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah are believed to be involved in sales of counterfeit products in the United States, and many vendors back the terrorist groups, but it’s unclear whether profits are funneled to the organizations, analysts said at a hearing Wednesday before the Senate Homeland Security Committee.”

As for us, we promise: no more fake Prada. As long as we still get to enjoy the purse we purchased before we became privy to this information.

6 thoughts on “You, Put Down Those Fake D&G Shades Right Now!

  1. i dont trust what the sente says these days. they might just be looking out for their corporate buddies on this one. I want proof. I need to see some knockoff gucci purses in the hands of Bin Laden. Honestly, you never know if this is fabricated to make cheap skates believe they are supporting terrorism. I’d say by paying taxes we do the same. but then again thats only me.

  2. i’m not cheap just paranoid of what to believe these days with this group in charge. They made newsweek retract their story, then FBI docs come out proving that newsweek was right. They’ll say NOT buying gas is supporting the terrorist just to get us to buy more.

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