Lady Bush Goes Kabbalah

user submitted pictureAccording to JTA, First Lady Laura Bush sent out a team of assistants to score some kabbalah bracelets “for luck” before her visit to Israel last week. But fundamental Christians shouldn’t worry that she’ll become the new Kabbalah celeb flavor-of-the-month: there weren’t the authentic red strings blessed at Rachel’s Tomb in Jerusalem, only the schlocky souvenir jobbies found in the shouk in the Old City (next to the plastic snowglobes of Jesus.)
And anyway, the bendels certainly didn’t protect her from the evil eyes of Jewish and Muslim mobs protesting her presence at Jerusalem’s holy sites.

3 thoughts on “Lady Bush Goes Kabbalah

  1. She’s trying to go for that nun look in the pic. Sorry toots, you’re not mutha teresa and Kabbalah bracelets don’t scare off the boogey man.

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