Yenta Out of Commission

candlesSorry, friends. I’ve been hit with the flu like I’ve only read about, and even El Yenta Man’s chicken soup can’t touch it. I may be down for a while… in the meantime, another Good Shabbos to all!

*”Shabbat Candles” by Kansas City artist and designer Laura Bolter. Such warmth and color in her work… maybe it can heal places Tamiflu and soup can’t?

8 thoughts on “Yenta Out of Commission

  1. You poor soul. You certainly pulled it off last night, though! What an informative and yummy event it was – thanks for introducing me to Kelly LJ. FEEL BETTER (and I don’t mean that in the Memorial Health sense)…

  2. It was so cool that El Yenta Man covered your class on Sunday. And I’m very sorry we missed him and EYB after school. Max had way too much going on for a play date to work. And I missed LYG in my class.

    If you’re not better already I hope you get that way soon.

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