Shluffy Shabbos

susanesther*sigh*. The plate of this life is overflowing with family joy, work reponsibilities, volunteering for the synagogue, domestic chores…It’s gotten to the point where things are falling off the plate onto the floor. I think the dog’s run off with some of them and is gnawing on them under the bed, and I’m too tired to care.

A peaceful, flower-full weekend to all.

More art by SuSan Esther can be found at JewishArtandSoul.

10 thoughts on “Shluffy Shabbos

  1. Wendy — Oh, I thought you meant we should do all posts in triplicate 🙂
    But yes you’re right. Assuming no one wants to schlep out to the Boro, I’d invite y’all over yo our apartment, but it is small. However, when the weather’s warmer we could have guests come over to use the pool here at the apt complex.

  2. LOL. Our house is always open to friends. Well, that is when no one her is sick. We’re flu-ey at the moment.

    It’ll be pool weather before we know it.

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