Who Knew? Einstein Was A Play-ah

young einsteinCatching up on Hebrew news that doesn’t involve Hezbollah, I had to go a few weeks back to find something interesting:

Hebrew Univerisity has published a batch of letters between Albert Einstein and his second wife/first cousin Elsa that detail his ongoing extramarital affairs with at least half a dozen women.

In other words, the worldwide icon for “smart Jew” was a cheatin’ bastard.

Of course he tried to play it off to his wife that it was all “unwanted affection” and he was just keeping the ladies happy, but any guy trying to pull that nowadays would be hung by his toes on “Oprah” and sent straight to Sex Adddicts Anonymous.

Personally I find the thought of gettin’ inti with Einstein repulsive, although he is adorable in a nebbishy sort of way. But Albie worked the nerd thing like a man with deeper understanding into the workings of the universe: Even Marilyn Monroe is said to have wanted to get into his pants.

Here he is in 1905 c/o pbs.org. I’ll concede that Young Einstein is kind of a babe, but moustaches give me the willies.

5 thoughts on “Who Knew? Einstein Was A Play-ah

  1. So now Einstein bashing is in fashion among Jews too! Even depending upon stilted wild personal interpretations of someone’s defense against a typical female chauvinism from back then? Since when do Jews take part in bashing other Jews and on a site like this as well?
    Oh, I forgot, it’s like Henny Youngman asked, “Why do Jewish men die before their wives?” answer: “Because they WANT to.”
    There is a worm in the heart of homo sapiens and apparently no shortage of it in Jews as well, namely jealously! Let’s tear someone down who can’t defend himself any more because we just don’t like the fact that he was great! Don’t let anyone get too great! It reminds us of how drab we are! Bring them down! It’s so lady-like, makes you so attractive when you do that! ROFLMAO

  2. Um, Jovian? Did you actually read the article and the links? Not finding someone attractive doesn’t qualify as “bashing” — except when you come on someone else’s site and start making idiotic comments.

    The facts are that as smart a Jew as Einstein was, he cheated on his wife and taunted her with it. If you’d like to defend this behavior and call any criticism of it “typical female chauvinism,” I’d love to speak to your wife.

    Information like this doesn’t “tear down” his contributions to humanity, it only helps us see a great man as human. Einstein’s stepdaughter left these letters in her will to Hebrew University, with the wish that they be published twenty years after her death, so that the world would know more about him.

    Besides, it’s juicy gossip that doesn’t hurt anyone since all of its participating characters are long dead, and that’s what we like around here.

  3. Your twisting my comment to apply to not finding him attractive is specious! I couldn’t care less who you find attractive.
    The contention he that cheated on anyone is unsubstatiated hearsay (at the very most he said/she said) and quite convenient now that he cannot defend himself. My grandmother and he were first cousins and spent most summers of their chidhood together as well as considerable time during his waning years. I knew him myself although he died when I was 5. Your contention that perpetrating vicious slanderous gossip does not hurt anyone is s sophomoric at best! Perhaps we should do some “research” into YOUR relatives! As for being “someone else’s site”, you mean that this is your private site and you’ll whip anyone who dares correct or criticise you? We should no longer consider this public or at least Jewish public access with freedom of thought and speech? If you are going to perpetrate blarney, you have to be ready to be called on it at the very least!

  4. Jovian, I’m only reporting my opinion of the facts. It obviously pains you that Einstein’s letters revealed a man with a considerable penchant for the opposite sex, perhaps because no one wants to believe their famous distant relatives could be anything but perfect. But I didn’t make up this information — I’m far too lazy for that. So rather than “perpetuating blarney” I’m simply putting my own spin on what’s in the news.
    Go ahead and read the actual links and make your own interpretations.

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