Whatever Happened to Professional Courtesy?

From the wires: “JERUSALEM: Israel’s police chief has dismissed a senior traffic officer after catching him speeding, media reports have said. They said Chief Superintendent Moshe Karadi spotted David Gaz, commander of traffic police in southern Israel, driving at 140km an hour last Wednesday on a highway where the limit was 110km an hour and pulled him over.”
For the metrically-challenged, this means the guy got fired for going just 12 miles over the speed limit. So why can’t this country bring down a Commander in Chief for the crime of being so dumb he can’t even answer debate questions by himself?

3 thoughts on “Whatever Happened to Professional Courtesy?

  1. Way to buy into the hoax. Something tells me that if they wanted to wire the guy, they might’ve been able to come up with some modern technology to do so. Besides, I hear all the Bushes have an odd, rectangular growth at their 9th vertebrae.

  2. it could have been part of a support Bra that he wears to keep his “Alpha Male” chest-out look for the TV cameras going. check out this website: http://www.mysterybulge.com/
    they have alot of pictures and theories on the mystery bulge on bush’s back. It still could have been the bullet proof vest buldge.

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