Get Down On Your Knees and Laugh

user submitted pictureYo, couch potatoes! If you’re in the mood for some light religious comedy (maybe that’s why you’re here; it sure ain’t for the conversation) Saved! is a must-rent. A lampoon of born-again Christian teenagers, it stars teen queen Mandy Moore (who, it turns out, can actually act) as the golden girl who loves Jesus, Jenna Malone as an unwed mother with a gay boyfriend, Macaulay Culkin as a wheelchair-bound rebel and the extremely hot Eva Amurri as the only Jewish kid at a high school where you can’t swing your ponytail without getting thumped by a Bible. It’s balls-out hilarious without being too mean; the message is that self-righteous hypocrites suck and true believers aren’t the ones worried about saving your soul.
(Not that anyone’s tried to save our “Jewish heathen” souls since a couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses showed up at the door and we turned them out, hours later, after forcing them to read our poetry from college.)

3 thoughts on “Get Down On Your Knees and Laugh

  1. “Right-wing nut jobs” worry me. I forget, are we still in the 17th century? I’m glad they can make a comedy about the issue, sugar makes the medicine go down.

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