We Don’t Want Their Stinkin’ T-Shirt Anyway

How flattering to log on this morning and find Jmerica’s name in one of Jewschool‘s headlines! Sure, it’s paired with an obscenity, but we won’t let the bastards get us down.
This began when we (maybe too) gleefully pointed out a mistake on Jewsweek‘s Yada blog. For some reason, Mobius, Jewschool’s creator, took this personally and accused us of stealing news items (um, hello, this is the Internet; it’s all there for the taking and we always give props when someone else gets there first.) We take full responsibility for the comment spam incident, but homie didn’t have to post a Jmerica staffer’s freaking phone number so all the other irate blog nerds could– what?– crank call him? Not exactly mensch-like behavior. We know Mobius’ phone number but we’d never be petty enough to post it; besides, his mom would probably answer anyway.
Jmerica aspires to bring us all together; it bums us out greatly that a fellow Jewish blogger would flame another Jewish site. We’d been looking to Jewschool as an older, smarter, more political brother, but now we feel like an eighty-pound sixth grader in a junior high full of bullies with moustaches. Then again, site traffic is up 400% today, so even bad publicity is good publicity. Many thanks to all those Jmericans who defended us in Jewschool’s comments.

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