Waters Won’t Put A Brick In The Wall, But He Won’t Take Sides, Either

roger watersrIn spite of his opposition to Israel’s security fence and admonitions from Palestinian artists, Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters still plans to perform in Tel Aviv this summer.

Yeah, he cowrote “The Wall,” which has become the international anthem of breaking down barriers to oppression. The Union of Palestinian Artists finds this mighty hypocritical.

In a letter to Waters, the Union wrote, “How could an artist so closely identified with breaking down walls of injustice would cooperate with this monstrous wall that has been declared illegal by the International Court of Justice in The Hague?”

Waters, who has sympathized with the Palestinians over the repercussions of the fence, won’t punish his Israeli fans for it.

“I have many fans in Israel, many of whom refuse to serve in the military. I won’t cancel my trip to Israel because I don’t agree with the government’s policies, just as I won’t stop performing in Britain simply because I disagree with the policies of Tony Blair. People who live in Israel are human beings, just like everyone.”

Is it too opportunistic to say sitting on the fence never sounded so good?

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