This Giant Jew Is Everywhere, Man

tedevanI had the strange pleasure of seeing Tedevan “Rocketman” Kurzweil making the rounds in San Francisco a few weeks ago, wearing a hand-painted sandwich board that read “6 foot 7 inch Jew will Freestyle Rap 4 You.” He piqued the interest of the j.’s editor enough to assign a story, but for some reason they’re sitting on it, possibly because they need a lot of extra space to run the photo and here it is!

We at the office thought him a bit of a whack job, because a Jew that tall with that much chutzpah ought to be playing basketball for Israel at the very least, instead of nudging strangers to heal their auras.

But y’know what? I’ve been checking him out a little more and he seems like a pretty cool guy. Even if he does smell like patchouli and feet. Giant feet.

Here’s Tedevan delivering the promised freestylin’, here’s an interview called “Slacker Prophet” that Jewschool ran last week and here’s his MySpace page.

I’m not saying I would let him couchsurf or anything, but if I see him hanging out in Dolores Park on a breezy day I might let him do a little reiki.

4 thoughts on “This Giant Jew Is Everywhere, Man

  1. I just realized that you actually have a category called “Hippie Jews”! I assume you plan to regualry add to this certain category, is there a fasination with Hippie Jews? Feel free to answer in a blog post since you’re only 2 posts deep into this curious category that i never knew even existed in the minds of most Jews in the blogosphere.

    BTW, that dude might be confused for Jesus by some crazy christians. Let him know to watch his back for a gang of apostles that might sping up out of the blue.

  2. Well, there may be some more uncategorized posts from back in the disorganized days, but even though I’ve sold the VW bus, hippie Jews are always close to my heart.

    And yeah, Tedevan waaay looks like Jesus. But Jesus was a hippie Jew, too, doncha know?

  3. Actually I’m wondering how many Christians might see him as the anti-Christ. Think about it, most Christians think what hes doing as blasphemiec practices. What self respecting Christian would hang out with a reiki practicing jew? I don’t know a single one.

    So if anything he should be watching his back for crazy bible thumping Christians who what him arrested for blasphemy.

    *laughs* much like the Jesus of Yesteryear

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