Watch Out For Those Semitic Semantics

got chutzpah?Bless this free country where we have eagle eyes like the Americablog, who spotted
this little nugget
on Media Matters’ transcript of the March 8 edition of American Family Radio’s American Family Report about homosexuality:

RUSTY BENSON: Yeah, I mean, this is — this is what you call — what? — chutzpah. This is — this is —

DONALD WILDMON: That’s a Jewish word, right? Be careful.

Given the context of the conversation, was Wildmon warning Benson that he should be careful because using — *ahem* — dem “Jewish” words might make him turn … gay?

I mean, I’m not really fluent in “Jewish,” maybe I should talk to one of them priests with the beanies?

In case you weren’t aware of the AFA’s tendency towards the anti-Semitic semantics, Americablog has kindly compiled a list of jewels.

One thought on “Watch Out For Those Semitic Semantics

  1. I’m sure those curly-haired fellows with the beanies teach the “Jewish” Language pretty well at thier “churches”.

    What a bunch of bafoons.

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