Wal-Mart Shopping List: Chips, Soda, Rabbi Costume?


I have so many problems with Wal-Mart I don’t know where to begin, but hawking haredi rabbi costumes complete with peyes and fur hat is pretty much at the top of list. Well, right behind how their unfair slavery labor practices. And the way anything I’ve ever had to buy there breaks immediately.

Jewish mothers get the cheapy Wal-Mart treatment, too. There’s actually two versions: The Rachel and and the Rivkah, which has polyester camels sewn onto it. So not kosher. ‘Cause you know that sh*t is made in China.

Feeling fairly famisht about this: Is it Wal-Mart’s attempt to break into the enormous but thus far invisible Orthodox Purim costume market? Or will we see hundreds of lil’ rebbes roaming the streets next Halloween? Beats zombies, I guess.


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