Wal-Mart PR Fiasco Casuality

user submitted pictureThe Wal-Mart public relations genius responsible for the newspaper ad that compared zoning laws meant to protect small businesses with Hitler’s denial of human rights has resigned.
The Washington Post reported last week that Peter Kanelos, Wal-Mart’s community affairs director for Arizona and Southern California, oversaw publication of an ad in the Arizona Daily Sun that was part of a campaign to defeat a ballot initiative in Flagstaff seeking to halt Wal-Mart’s expansion. The ad, which featured a 1933 picture of Germans tossing books on a bonfire, sparked criticism from the Anti- Defamation League and members of Congress.
We doubt Mr. Kanelos will be unemployed for long; the Scientologists probably already put together a sweet benefits package for him.
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2 thoughts on “Wal-Mart PR Fiasco Casuality

  1. Everybody wanna to be a Jew but nobody wants to BE a Jew! I also heard that IBM built the computer that was used in counting the time of death for the jews in the Concentration Camps. Supposedly the numbers marked on their arms were fed into the counting machine and it would calculate how much labor you can get out of the individual and when to put them to death. The warlmart types who thrive on cheap labor would be in cahoots with those fools.

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