Bubblin’ Crude Deep Down In The Desert?

user submitted pictureA Christian evangelical group has sunk millions of dollars and a huge ass drill into the Israeli desert near Tel Aviv with the hopes of striking black gold. John Brown, the president of American Christian-backed Zion Oil & Gas Company, believes that there is a hidden cache of oil foretold in a passage from the book of Genesis where Jacob tell his son Joseph that will give the Jews “blessings of the deep that couches beneath.” Brown says that it is his “destiny in life to come to Israel and help the people of Israel become energy dependent.”
And we thought evangelical Christians just wanted to spur on Armageddon.
Having its own store of oil might be good for Israel, even though it would only offset only a few of the 250,000 barrels a day currently consumed. However, in terms of neighbors who might not dig the idea of Israel horning in on the industry, it could be very, very bad. Maybe the evangelicals can have their oil and a big fat world war, too.
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3 thoughts on “Bubblin’ Crude Deep Down In The Desert?

  1. Enought with the oil, lets switch to Bio deisel, Solar, wind, and hydrogen fuel cells. Israel should be a leader in these technologies. Besides, I never met an evangelical I could trust.

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