Useful and Not-So-Useful Magic

copperfieldJewish illusionist David Copperfield used sleight of hand to fool a band of muggers a couple of weeks ago: Even though he was carrying his passport, wallet and cellphone, he showed the thieves nothing but empty pockets.

“Call it reverse pickpocketing,” he said. Such a smart cookie, that David.

blaineSo there’s magic, then there’s meshuggah: That other handsome Hebrew magician named David — Blaine, that is — is suffering from severely swollen hands as result of his latest I’m-gonna-submerge-myself-in-water/ice/hot lava/ice cream-and-see-what-happens escapade. His Houdini-inspired (hey! Another hot magical Jew!) finale airs live tonight on ABC — if he doesn’t freakin’ die first.

Copperfield has much to teach young Blaine about self-preservation…

2 thoughts on “Useful and Not-So-Useful Magic

  1. I thought we was going to drown last night. His pride would have killed him I bet. ABC wouldn’t have any dead folk on their family-disney-wholesome-tv-network! Plus i read about his possible liver damange, tough task!

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