UK Jewish Newspaper Losing Its Religion?

jewish chronicleMy Brother The Doctor (not that I have any other brothers; this distinguishment is pure pretension on my part, but what can I say, I like to kvell over him. Yes, he’s single.) attended Yom Kippur services in London, which he reports were even shorter and less Hebraic than the one I attended. Apparently, it’s perfectly acceptable to talk money on Atonement Day across the pond, too. And while no one jumped up and started preaching for Christ, Dr. Bro says it was, overall, a weak dose of Judaism.

But, really, that’s no excuse for London’s Jewish Chronicle, the world’s oldest Jewish newspaper, to be gettin’ all Jesus on our British brothers and sisters.

Leslie Bunder of SomethingJewishUK writes that twice in the last few months, articles have appeared in the JC that feature the oxymoronic notion of messianic Judaism.

The first time it was to visit a podcast aimed at converting Jews to Christianity and this week, it’s saying that Messianic “Jewish” rapper 50 Shekel is a top 10 Jewish interest on You Tube.

You remember 50 Shekel, don’t you? The Jewish rapper who whined that the bullies at Jewschool drove him into the arms of Jesus? Surely, a 164-year-old publication would do its research before spotlighting someone who claims Jesus is the messiah as one of our own.

Perhaps it was a new editorial assistant with lame factchecking skills, or is it, as Bunder infers, something more serious?

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