Twins Fighting in the Womb? So Jewish.

Have you seen this cinematic MRI clip of a pair of twins duking it out in utero?

Any Jew who stays awake in shul during Genesis will be reminded of those famous Biblical twins, Esau and Jacob — or as I introduced them to my Shalom Schoolers, “Hairy” and “Heel Grabber.” (Literal translations! Look it up!)

Their ugly rivalry began in poor Rebecca’s uterus, which can’t have been any kind of comfortable, and resulted in Jacob tricking his elder bro out of their papa’s birthright and blessing. I always used this story to illustrate to the kinders how siblings should be nice to each other ’cause karma will catch up to your sorry ass and you’ll marry the wrong sister.

What is totally whack, and maybe only us amateur Torah nerds will care, is that this week’s Torah portion is about Jacob reconciling with Esau! The viral interwebs intersecting with the scriptures of long ago? It’s blowing MY MIND, MAN.

This definitely calls for some Grateful Dead — “My Brother Esau,” natch.

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