Trump digs Orthodox Jews

BeinstockI haven’t been watching the latest season of Apprentice but boy would I have wanted to see this:

Lee Bienstock, 23, began the season with another Orthodox Jew in tow — New Jersey’s Dan Brody. The two observed Rosh HaShanah together early in the season — missing the third episode’s task — but only Bienstock stayed in the show long enough to observe Yom Kippur, missing another task.

While some of Bienstock’s teammates wanted his religious observance to get him fired from the show, Trump would not have it. When Bienstock was brought back to “the boardroom” — where Trump announces who from a given episode is fired — after the Yom Kippur episode, Trump told the team leader “I think it’s terrible that you brought Lee back” to the boardroom as a potential fire for having missed the task due to religious observances, and fired the team leader instead.

So Lee Beinstock, an observant Orthodox Jew, has a great chance of being the next Trump apprentice? Sounds like The Donald is in good hands with this young business prodigy. The season finale seems a lot more interesting now.

Photo and article c/o The Jewish Standard

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