No Yenta?

Head Yenta and Husband!Well, friends, it’s time for the Yenta to admit that she does not in fact have six arms and ten extra hours a day. As the countdown towards moving day gets into the single digits, I have no choice but to relinquish my blogpower to mi amigo Pepe Pringos, who will man this ship for the next month or so, or however long it takes to adjust to Southern Jewish life.

For those of you who don’t follow the details of Yenta life as closely as you might of some famous and interesting somebody, here’s the wrap-up: The family is relocating from the hippie netheregions of Northern California to the swampy suburbs of Savannah, Georgia. (Yes, Virginia, there are Jews in Georgia. Lots of ’em. In fact, the first male born in the state was Jewish and Mickve Israel, our future congregation, is the third oldest in the U.S.)

The reasons for uprooting ourselves are good ones: California real estate priced out starving writers long ago; six months a year of cold rain is murder on my hip arthritis; we’ve got grandparnts, uncles and cousins close by. Besides, hurricanes are exciting!

Sadly, the most compelling reason for the move is the recent news that my dear mother-in-law has a terminal illness. Mensch that he is, El Yenta Man wants to be with his momma ’til the end. What wife could argue with that?

So this Yenta must now focus on packing, saying our good-byes to the extraordinary community of Fairfax and mapping out the best wireless cafe in Savannah. In my absence, Pepe will keep you updated with Jewish news, and the fine bloggers-in-crime to your immediate right will surely continue to provide excellent perspectives on Jewish life.

Thank you to all who have read, commented, lurked and otherwise connected. All the best and have a wonderful summer.

Yours through kvetch and kvell,

The Yenta

2 thoughts on “No Yenta?

  1. Yes, there are Jews in Savannah. There are also computers, wireless internet cafes, gay/lesbian/transgender/bi newsletters, open mic nights and poetry slams. There are, however, no excuses for not writing your blog! Take a break fine, but let’s not get carried away. Make your move, settle into your new life in G-d’s country and then get back online cause I need my daily dose. Good luck Yeehaw Jenta.


  2. Savannah is cool! I visited there and thought it was a really neat smaller city. And while I’m sure that Pepe will rock- we’re gonna miss you.

    Best of wishes in getting settled in as hurricane bait- I hear that 100 mph winds can get a shofar to sound really impressive as long as you hold it at just the right angle to the breeze.

    And good luck in dealing with the passing of your mother in law. Be strong.


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