The World’s Teeniest Menorah

hanukitBecause every Jew should have a chanukiah that fits in an evening bag or pocket, here comes the “Hanukit” by Reddish Design Studio. No fancy candles necessary — just strike, sizzle and chant the Chanukah blessings before it burns out! Perfect for Matzah Ball pre-partying or a quick getaway should the Cossacks come knocking on the door.

Match flick to Halting Point.

3 thoughts on “The World’s Teeniest Menorah

  1. Wow, pretty slick and simple idea. I don’t see why I can’t make my own at home. Consider it on my “To Do…” list. Yenta, again you deliver the daily goods on your blog.

  2. Joe ~ just don’t try Halting Point’s DIY tinfoil version. Talk about a fire hazard!

    Halting Point ~ thank you for your eagle eyes. Hope you got the candle kind of menorah this year! 🙂

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