T-Shirt Of The Week: The Hypno Star

hypno star The High Holidays are coming…you are feeling deeply interested in Torah and tradition…you are looking forward to communing with other Jews…you will keep the fast this year…
From ShalomStar.com…you feel like breaking out the mogen david necklace…you want to wear exclusively Jewish t-shirts…

7 thoughts on “T-Shirt Of The Week: The Hypno Star

  1. Well, Paul, do you remember the Star Trek episode when the Borg attacked the planet of Mensch Ten and the Federation assumed that all of the Mensches were destroyed, but later the Enterprise encountered a Borg ship that they first thought was dead but it turned out that it was Saturday and they refused to travel at light speed and wherein all the Borg had skull caps screwed onto their heads and the head Borg called Seven of Nine a shiksa?

    It’s kind of like that.

    Gary Rosetree, the Peace Profiteer

  2. Call me a “Dumb Brunette?” I just discovered you and the site. Find you both enchanting! When’s the last time someone called you an “ENCHANTRESS”? I should be so lucky! Being only a mere, “dumb brunette”, I dont know what you want me to enter where it says, “website”? Would that be my website? No, you have that above, in the “mail” space. Perhaps your web site? That’s pretty stupid. You dont know it? Let’s review. You have my “name”, my email address, so what “website” do you need from me? Now that I think about it, how am I going to email this to you without the,way to much dicussed, “website”? I know. I’ll enter all ? marks. Maybe that will work. See what happens when a Jewish chick starts to think? This is only the tip of the berg! You should see what happens when I get on a roll! Keep up the FAB work! WE, yes, I used “we” in the People sense. Is that wrong? Should I have used a different term? Is everyone going to hate me now? Oh shit. Shit, I said shit! I did it again!!! Oh Jimminy Cricket! I have the mouth of a Truckdriver! Not that Truck drivers are bad people. I have known some, (that’s a lie), that I would invite over for dinner anytime! F*ck, that sounded as racist as can be! Shit, I did it again! Well, thanks for nothing! Now I have to take 2 V’s, & a Prozak! I feel a Panic attack comming on, better make that 2 V’s,a Prozak and a Xanax. (The Violet ones are the only way to go!) So thank you very much. I just wanted to say Thank You, and now I’m a wreck! How does it feel to RUIN someones day? And, do you think you could add spell check to this thing? xoxo, ZJ.

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