The Bouncing Baby Spears

brit and kevThe birth of Britney Spears’ baby boy is all over the place today, and My Urban Kvetch reports that his name will either be “London Preston Federline” or “Preston Michael Spears Federline.” Wha’s up, Kabbalah Girl, no Mordecai, no Moshe, no Zev?

Though there are few details of the blessed event, Britney (c)opted out of the planned mystical water birth and went for, in my humble opinion, the lamest birth option available:

In the October issue of Elle magazine, Spears said she’d prefer to have a C-section, and if that wasn’t an option, “I’ll be like, ‘Epidural, please!’ … I don’t want to go through the pain.”

Certainly, Cesarean sections are an option as an emergency measure to save a baby’s or mother’s life, but using it to avoid the divine pain of childbirth seems to go directly against the teachings of Kabbalah Britney claims to follow. Then again, she might’ve been holding the Zohar upside-down all this time, anyway.

Snippy, self-righteous judgments aside, a hearty mazel tov to the new parents. Hopefully, there’ll be news of a brit milah next week.
If not, this topic is no longer bloggable by our by-laws.

4 thoughts on “The Bouncing Baby Spears

  1. she’s doing it for show. I’m not suprised at all that she’d go out of her way to avoid the pain of child birth. Did she have a child for the cause or just be-cause? I think she did it just because, same reason she’s doing Kabbalah. She’s a follower, a really popular one. The most famous “sheep” i know of!

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