So That Makes Mother’s Day, Like, Christmas Or Something

britneyI know I promised to quit Britney blogging, but what Jewish mother could pass this up?

Ms. My-Kid-Don’t-Need-No-Stinkin’-Carseat Spears has officially distanced herself from quasi-Judaism with an announcement on her bubbles and fairies
Web site

“I no longer study kabbalah, my baby is my religion.”

So, would representatives from Child Protective Services be the rabbis of that religion? Does this mean she’s going to start dressing Sean Preston up in little papal hats, mini saffron robes and tiny tefillin to represent her many spiritual permutations? Does she understand that ditching Madonna’s religion is no excuse for her fast-track transformation to Stevie Nicks clone?

And befitting her new Stevie look, if she squeezes out a female baby this time, will her new religion include goddess worship?

By Zohar, it just don’t matter anymore, does it? On to bigger and better Jewish-wannabes: Perez Hilton announces — with photo — that a hot (as in Chili Pepper) rocker is sporting the red string.

3 thoughts on “So That Makes Mother’s Day, Like, Christmas Or Something

  1. Oh how could you quit blogging about Britney. Its like shooting gefilte fish in a barrel. And as far as being a Stevie Nicks clone- she’s gonna have to spend a few months at the feedlot to get that look.

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