Check, Shmeck

fiddler chess setThere is simply no end to the fabulous Jewish shwag available online — check (or checkmate, if you will) this incredible chess set based on the characters of “Fiddler on the Roof.” Seriously, have you ever seen anything more darling?

For $289, it’s a real bargain, and I’ll be introducing my chess prodigy son to his first “Fiddler” experience next weekend at the Mountain Play atop Mt. Tamalpais, so this is a real temptation. But I’ll have to pass. I finally got rid of a bunch tsotchkes and chozzerai at moving sale last Saturday and I just don’t need anymore shtuff.

Incidentally, I put out some old haggadahs and Jewish children’s books and guess who bought them? My neighbor wearing the “Free Palestine” shirt.

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