Sick Daze

nursieS’sorry for the slow posting, friends. Some microbial evil has infected every member of the Yenta household, requiring me to peel my tushie from the crate that serves as Mommy’s work throne and do nursey things like make soup and dispense medication via syringe to a freakishly strong 3 year-old who bites.

I write this over a sleeping child with fevered cheeks in my lap, another groaning on the couch and El Yenta Man confusing the anti-biotics with the anti-freeze, so I’d better get back to the fun. I’ll spare you the bodily fluid details, though feel free to read one of my favorite sicky posts of kvetching past, Mold, Diarrhea and Escargot. See ya once everyone can make it to the bathroom by themselves.

You should probably go wash your hands now.

3 thoughts on “Sick Daze

  1. My 6 month old son has taken to playing dead when we try to give him medicine via syringe. He locks his jaw closed and affects a peaceful sleeping face. On one hand, I’m proud of him for being smart enough to try this but on the other hand, he really needs the medicine. He gives up after we squirt it between his cheek and teeth. I’m sure my laughing does not help.

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