No Oscar Coverage Here

rachel…’cause we don’t have cable out here in the hinterlands and it was raining too durn hard for me to drive anywhere else. Besides, all that red carpet finery makes me feel shlubby.

But it’s good to know our girl Rachel Weisz got hers (could there be anything more fulfilling than accepting an Oscar with a belly full of baby?) and that Jon Stewart passed muster with the “dreidel-off” joke.

For the rest of the Jewish-slanted Oscar reportage, no one else does it like JTA’s Tom Tugend.

Still awaiting Esther‘s promised post…

8 thoughts on “No Oscar Coverage Here

  1. My Favorite Jewish joke was John Stewarts remark to Ben Stiller’s “floating head” skit, he said “Its good to know that he’s Jewish” then he did that funny smirk where he adjusts his collar by turning his head side-ways. If you watch The Daily Show you’ll know what I’m talking about. Ben Stiller was hilarious!

  2. Doesn’t it ever get old? Ooh, she won and she’s Jewish! Just like us! I’m Jewish and she’s Jewish – wow! Isn’t there anything else in life than to celebrate people just because their parents, like yours, were Jewish?

    BTW, yes I’m Jewish, no I’m not self-hating. I just judge people on who they are whether than appreciating them more because they are the same religion as me. It’s as dumb as writing a blog celebrating brown-haired people only.

    BTW, I’m pretty much in love with Rachel Weisz so no offense meant to her. But if I was celebrating her it would be becasue she’s a good actress and seems to be a good person, not because we’re both Jewish.

  3. Well, Mark, I consider Judaism more of a tribe than a religion; that’s just my experience. So when of my tribe sisters or brothers does good, I like to point it out, just like I do when my cousin makes the fencing finals at her college or my mom publishes her book.
    At some point, all Jews are related, whether we want to be or not.
    I’m proud that a fine actress who also happens to be Jewish won an Oscar last night. Celebrate.
    I’m sorry you think being Jewish and being “brown-haired” are the same kind of attribute. Sure, both are gifts of DNA, but if your Jewishness has the same meaning to you as the color of your hair, that’s your issue.

  4. So if you were born to Catholic parents, you obviously would have discovered the wonders of Judaism and converted then?

    No, you’d be Catholic. And perhaps you’d be blogging about Catholics in the news because, you know, you are Catholic and they are Catholic and, voila, you are the same!

    It doesn’t all seem kind of random to you?

  5. Actually, quite the opposite, Mark. Whether it’s “random” or not, it’s what is, and I embrace my life, my brown hair and my Judaism; I recognize it in others and I celebrate it.
    If I was Catholic, either I’d be completely turned off by the religion (as you seem to be to Judaism) or embrace the Madonna (both of ’em), the Pope and catechism kitsch. Maybe I’d write a blog, maybe I’d be a nun. I have no idea, because that’s not what IS. We can only live from where we’re at, man.
    I don’t consider Jews better than other “tribes”, but we’re certainly distinct. Some people choose to identify with a larger tribe associated with their DNA/religious origins/culture, some choose their tribes according to an interest in sand volleyball or New Age jazz.
    I find meaning in Judaism, you don’t. You seem to think being born Jewish is “random”; I see myself as part of a larger picture. Neither of are wrong.

  6. I see catholics as the type that are in peace praising Jesus in church but then they curse each other in the parking lot while trying to squeeze their cars out the exits. I have christians friends who aren’t as into their “tribe” as we Jews are. We have a long history of persecution and survival in this christian-dominated western world. We always seem to find clever ways of preserving our faith, our tradition, our language, our customs, and yes… even our distinct (and great) looks. The Jewish people are a previleged group that has thrived over thousands of years and as I’ve matured I’ve come to share the same joy as the Yenta… she probably has more of it than me because I don’t have a blog about it (lol).

    I see this blog as a positive PR device that helps to expell common misconseptions that non-Jews have of us. I send my gentile friends over to this blog to show em who’s Jewish in Hollywood or who’s doing what and how we’re more than just the average stereotipical Jew they’ve been conditioned to believe exists.

    To the Yenta… blog on!

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