News Before Coffee Equals Indigestion

We made the unfortunate radio choice of Berkeley’s KPFA this morning while on carpool duty as Amy Goodman of Democracy Now presented an astonishingly one-sided report on the latest chaos in Gaza. While the Israeli army has launched a massive offense against Palestinian rocket attacks in the past five days, the “leftist” media has again portrayed Israel as violent aggressors, paying little attention to the circumstances that have led to what some might view as a highly organized defense against guerilla warfare. Goodman entertained two Palestinian guests from the Palestinian refugee camp of Jabalya, but when London Guardian reporter Chris McGreal began listing the terrorist acts commited by Hamas that led up to last week’s airstrikes, she cut him off. So much for free speech. Manipulative media now, democracy some other time!
Man, are we weary of blanket liberalism that refuses to examine history and facts. This second intifada, now in its fourth year of ripping through the Holy Land, is so mired in “us against them” ideology that it’s starting to get creepy around here. Even though we don’t presume to know what breakfast in Gaza must be like, we know we don’t like journalists who only present a little bit of truth in order to serve their own agendas.
Maybe the world will look a little better after a latte.

9 thoughts on “News Before Coffee Equals Indigestion

  1. yeah, it’s a different, psycho-liberal freak show ’round here. You wouldn’t believe the PLO b.s. posted on every bulletin board– the sick sh*t is that so many people buy into it…

  2. My first experience at Berkley was quite memorable. I kept saying to myself “… and I thought I was LIBERAL!! ” those guys out there are more liberal than the most liberal liberals who ever where liberal in the most liberal town in an liberal state of America. Some guys even wear skirts out there and call themselves asexual. I’ll stick with moderate liberalism, the kind that does listen to both sides for the sake of TRUTH.

  3. liberal conservatives are about the same. ex: John McCain. But he’s kinda cool, i just cant explain how he hangs with Bush knowing that his campaign in 2000 accused him of horrible things. Google it and find out whut they said!

  4. Mac ain’t no saint. He carpetbagged his way down to a state where a Senator was retiring and married into extreme wealth to fund his political aspirations. No such thang as a saint-politician. On either side of the fence or straddling it.

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