Mosh Pit in Front of the Menorah 2011

As far as I’m concerned, punk rock and Chanukah make a fantastic combination—must be the hammering drum beats.

Thank you to my favorite rabblerouser Sierra Salin for introducing me to the The Shlomones, with their wicked take on “Time Warp.” Guess they coulda called themselves “Schlocky Hora”? Heheh.

So, yes, let’s light the candles one more time tonight, yo! I’m planning to splatter the entire kitchen in canola oil for one last foray into the world of fried—after this, I don’t want to see another donut until the 25th of next Kislev.

Speaking of the other 25th, how did you spend yours? The Yenta family started with a camping trip at a small hippie retreat in the forest, where we were very surprised to find several other Jews seeking refuge. We always roll with our own candlikas, but we weren’t the only ones lighting a menorah and Shabbos candles in the woods—some delightful students of Jewish meditation from Asheville, NC brought a bicycle chanukiah and killer guitar skills. Friday evening in the common room was like Grateful Dead Jewriffic summer camp with rounds of “Hinei Ma Tov” and hora dancing on the worn Oriental rugs. Just goes to show communion can happen anywhere.

The next day we scooted south for an epic day in the Magic Kingdom, thinking all the goyim would stay home for Christmas—wrong. Turns out it’s the busiest day of the year at Disneyworld, doh. However, with El Yenta Man’s strategizing we managed to beat the lines—by arriving at dawn. Hardcore, nu? Not that Mickey Mouse could be compared to Johnny Rotten, but in spite of getting older and nerdier, there’s still a little punk rock rollin’ around these old bones.

Here’s Hip Hop Hoodios’ “Ocho Kandelikas” to inject a little Ladino flair into yours—

A bright last night of this Festival of Lights to all!

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