Mel’s Cop Busted?

james meeThe Jewish L.A. cop who launched a hundred thousand blog posts, Deputy James Mee (not to be confused with acoustic folk legend James Mee, who is not Jewish but has been called a “modern day Jim Croce”) is under fire from his bosses. reports that The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department “has gone after the deputy who arrested Mel Gibson with a vengeance” by raiding his home and seizing his computer and phone records. “At the same time, it appears little has been done to determine if top brass gave Gibson special treatment and deceived the media.” Full story.

Of course, Deputy Mee is the one who leaked that seminal four-page report detailing Gibson’s outrageous and famously anti-Semitic behavior to in the first place — because he felt his bosses were trying to cover up for Mr. Passion of the Lush. But Deputy Mee had recorded his unpleasant interchage with Gibson, in which Mel not only revealed how he really feels about the Jews, but also kept screaming how he owned Malibu and was going “f*ck”Deputy Mee the first chance he got.

It seems Mel’s making good on that threat with the help of his law enforcement buddies, in spite of his lame ass TV apology. There must be serious corruption within the L.A. Sheriff’s Dept. to perpetuate this kind of bullsh*t justice. Keep up the fight, Deputy Mee and TMZ!

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