Kabbalah’s Favorite Celebrities Burning Out?

user submitted pictureCelebrity Kabbalah’s poster skank Britney Spears and her trailer trash fiance Kevin Federline have jettisoned their plans for a Jewish wedding, opting instead for a ceremony presided over Catholic monks in Malibu. Damn, no tinfoil chuppah.
Perhaps the Kabbalah Center’s media golden age has begun to wane; even our beloved Madge is daring to question where all the money she gives to the Bergs actually goes. We’ll be so bereft, though, when celebs begin to latch on to another, less relevant (to us, anyway) PR-loving cult; we’ve truly enjoyed the ride.

4 thoughts on “Kabbalah’s Favorite Celebrities Burning Out?

  1. I think we’ve all firmly established that lastone will “do” virtually anyone. Thanks for continuing sharing your insightful observations…

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