Historically Significant, Really

user submitted pictureDon’t ask how we found this (too much coffee, random Google word associations) but apparently the world can credit the modern brasseire to an immigrant Jewish couple, Ida and William Rosenthal, who began the Maidenform company in 1928. Before they designed a fitted number to go under the new sleeker dress styles of the time, women were just pinning a towel to keep their bazoombas from bouncing.
They also managed to market to the Communists when no one else could; Ida visited the Soviet Union in 1963 and remarked “The Soviet woman is badly in need of help when it comes to foundations. I believe we’ll eventually have them for customers.” So that’s what brought the wall down– women wanted their push-ups, communism be damned!
We’ll never again be able to peruse a Victoria’s Secret catalog without feeling a glow of pride in our, *ahem*, breasts.

4 thoughts on “Historically Significant, Really

  1. It’s absolutely rad that Ida went to the Soviet Union in ’63 and came back with the assessment that the “need” of the nation addressed issues of extra-jiggliness.

  2. I didn’t know Maidenform is jewish owned. God bless them their bras and panties are great fitting and good quality. May they continue manufacturing the same quality always.

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