Jews Unseated By Methodists

In spite of my recent post gloating otherwise, my favorite cafeteria partner and Savannah Morning News religion editor Dana Clark Felty has informed me via her blog that America no longer loves Jews best.

In 2006, 58% of those polled felt positively about Jews, and placed the mellow Methodists in second place at 55%. Yet in a recent Gallup poll conducted at the end of March of the year, only 46% polled felt favorably about Jews, pushing the Methodists ahead with 49%. I’m going to let those Methodists have their day in the sun, now that they’ve dropped that whole divestment nastiness. (In case you’re wondering, Scientogists are still licking the bottom of the barrel, in spite of Tom Cruise’s propaganda appearance on Oprah last week.)

I can understand an overall decline in Americans digging on religion in general, but what’s up with the negative 12 point gap?

I blame Eliot Spitzer.

4 thoughts on “Jews Unseated By Methodists

  1. Blame Spitzer??? He is Jewish by birth and for political gain only. He and his parents chose to associate with the WASP culture all his life. We have enough low-life’s in our people and don’t need to include him when he rarely included himself.

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