Jews In The Real World

svetlanaSvetlana, the sultry Russian party girl on MTV’s “The Real World, Season 17” (already? I haven’t had cable since the very first one when that dancer guy from Queens slept with the dancer girl from the Midwest and everyone was wearing Flashdance sweatshirts) has caught the eye of Nextbook’s Josh Lambert:

As the latest season of The Real World rolls out in Key West, Odessa-born Svetlana (“We’re not Russian, we’re Jewish,” she tells the camera) is the babe to watch. Sure, she’s got a boyfriend back home, but he’s several thousand miles away now and comes off as a meathead; the teasers for Tuesday’s episode suggest he’ll be out of the picture imminently. If that’s true, two of the roommates would be happy to replace him: John, the less-than-subtle frat boy who arrived with an inflatable woman under his arm, and Zack, the “Jew from Seattle,” who couldn’t be more of a mensch—that is, from a parent’s perspective: he doesn’t drink or smoke, his mother and father are his best friends, and he can count the number of times he’s had sex on the fingers of one hand. That might win him points on JDate, but this is MTV.

While the antics of the alcohol-steeped horndogs on these shows isn’t my cup of chai, I appreciate Lambert’s serious-but-never-stodgy approach to bed-hopping and Jewish love. Read the rest of his feature or (and!) see if Svetlana recognizes Zack’s delicious menschy goodness tonight. (I’ll be … reading. No commericals, y’know?)

2 thoughts on “Jews In The Real World

  1. The last Jew I remember on that show was the anorexic girl that slept with everyone. I hope these kids represent better…

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