Jews and Catholics Unite

tallisYou’d think it’d be a nice cuppa tea, a big important rabbi getting all chummy with the pope. But when it’s crazy pro-lifer Rabbi Yehuda Levin trying to rally the Vatican “to combat the widespread ‘homosexualizationÂ’ of the Holy Land and of Western Civilization,” it tastes like crappy Eastern bloc instant coffee with sour goat milk.

Levin called an “emergency meeting” with Catholic leaders last week to discuss teaming up to address the rampant immorality of today’s society, offering up the Orthodox Jewish community as “junior partners” in the war against “abortion-on-demand, internet pornography, radical homosexuality, and no-fault divorce.” In a nauseatingly sycophantic terms, he calls the Catholic Church “the big boy on the block,” which sounds pretty damn gay to me.

The whole article may piss you off, or maybe you’d like to be Levin’s bitch, but let’s all pray the future of Jewish Catholic relations doesn’t rest upon this guy. After the recent progress the Conservative movement has made towards acceptance and celebration of gay marriage and rabbis, seeing this in the mainstream press only sets a unified Jewish world back by decades.

Is this what is meant by rainbowing on someone’s parade?

BTW, this gorgeous rainbow tallis, available from JewishBazaar would look so fine on the next rabbi to visit the Vatican.

4 thoughts on “Jews and Catholics Unite

  1. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, as a journalist if that’s what you call yourself, you should know better than to show bias toward a specific culture or lifestyle. A lot of normal people,(me included) are getting sick and tired of the liberal media’s love affair with the gay community.

  2. I’m pretty sure the yenta never proclaimed to be a “journalist”, she’s a blogger and bloggers most likely all exist to provide their own commentary on life. What the heck is the “liberal media” anyway?

  3. Now that is one fine tallis! I may be a hetero father of four, but I’d wear that!! very cool in a Joseph’s coat of many colors kind of way … now about those flower print swim trunks of yours yentela … oy!

  4. Michael ~ joe’s right. I’ve never, ever, claimed to be a journalist, just a mouthy kvetch. And my love affair with the gay community will never, ever fade, because gay people are so much more fun that normal people.

    Joe ~ love ya, man.

    Dan ~ When you waltz into Mickve Israel wearing this tallis, I will throw my flower swim trunks into the sea forever!

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